Repost by SoundCloud now distributes to Jaxsta

Repost by SoundCloud will now deliver the official music credit data for your distribution releases to Jaxsta. Jaxsta is the world’s largest public-facing, dedicated database of official music credits.

Now, whenever you distribute a release with Repost and choose Jaxsta as a partner, all credits for that release will be available in Jaxsta’s database. The official music credit data for all of your music releases that are currently distributed by Repost has also been delivered to Jaxsta.

Artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, mixers and more can claim and customize their own Jaxsta profile, which can be used as your one-stop resumé to help you create opportunities in the industry.

As a Repost creator, you can redeem the code below to** get 20% off a Jaxsta Plus membership **(valid until 6/23/22). Jaxsta Plus members can create Chart and Credit Alerts so that whether you’re an artist or assistant engineer, you always know when music you’re credited on is released or charting; compile a verified One Sheet with your credits, links, bio, contact info and unique URL; and more.


Category: Announcements
Date: January 13, 2022