Elevate Your Game on SoundCloud: Engage Your Fans

Use simple marketing strategies to reach more fans and keep them coming back!

  • Post an audio announcement: Upload a voice message or promotional spot to announce a tour, a new project, or a collab, and encourage fans to follow your profile for updates.
  • Host a giveaway: Announce a contest with an audio clip on your profile. Reward the fan who streams your new track on SoundCloud the most in the first week with a prize like merch or tickets.
  • Post a teaser preview: Upload a snippet of your track and, later, replace the audio with the full version. Interactions on the original upload will carry over to the new track.
  • Run an AMA: Take questions from fans via social media and answer them on SoundCloud as audio recordings. You can also use SoundCloud DMs to communicate directly with fans who ask questions.
Category: Announcements
Date: January 18, 2022