Introducing the New Dashboard on Repost by SoundCloud

Introducing the new dashboard for artists. From distribution to monetization to professional marketing tools, this dashboard is your command center to take your music career to the next level.

Before you dive in, here’s an overview of what to expect:

A new, personalized homepage

We’ve added a new homepage that gives you a complete view of your journey as an artist as soon as you log in, including data across streaming platforms, top tracks, and earnings.

Get your music on Spotify, TikTok, Apple Music and more
Distribute your music to all major platforms, so fans can find and listen to your music wherever they are. The simple, guided distribution flow makes sure you can get your music delivered quickly and accurately.

Keep track of your fanbase - and watch it grow

Track your streams across SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, to see where your fans are finding and listening to you. Use this data to help inform where you should invest in building your audience even more, through tools like Promote on SoundCloud, also available in the dashboard.

Get paid for your streams and manage your earnings
Monetize your SoundCloud tracks to take advantage of Fan-Powered Royalties and make money based on how much fans listen to your music. You can also manage how your music is used in YouTube with videos with YouTube Content ID, and split payments with your collaborators using Split Pay.

The dashboard is the command center for your career in music. Make sure you’re checking in frequently so you can stay on top of your stats and be sure you’re making the best decisions for your music.

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Category: Announcements
Date: May 30, 2022