by Jeff Ponchick in Marketing and Promotion February 07, 2017

Getting your music on blogs have become increasingly more important to artists these days. But with so much new music coming out it’s important to understand that many of these blogs, and blog writers, are receiving 1000’s of emails a day requesting them to write about new music. That being the case, when emailing a blog (or DJ) for a feature your formatting will surprisingly make the biggest difference in being sure that your music is not only heard but is also being well received.

In this guide, we will review proper email etiquette, formatting, and rhetoric. We provide a checklist of what to include in your initial correspondence, including how to properly title an email, what pieces of content recipients do and do not need, and some insight on how to make sure your first impression is a lasting one.

Here are some helpful tips you can use as an artist when emailing a blog/writer:

  1. Be Specific: Find the email address of the writer who you believe is best suited to write about (or critique) your music. This may require a bit of research, but sending a powerful email to the right person the first time will make your life (and theirs) a whole lot easier.
  2. Personalize: Many writers prefer personalized emails over BCC monstrosities. Personalizing and directing your email to a single person shows that you respect them and their work. Respect goes a long way.
  3. Subject line: A very easy “Artist Name – Track Name” will do just fine. The whole point of this section is to indicate what’s inside the email. Leave the adjectives and hyperbole for the body.
  4. Keep it short: The last thing a writer wants is a lengthy, unsolicited life story. This may sound harsh, but keep your first interaction centered around the music you’re sending. A simple one or two sentences describing the song are enough to convey the message. If they want more information, they’ll ask for it.
  5. Formatting: If you’re including more than two sentences of information in your email, format it like a clean sentence-by-sentence paragraph. Clarity and legibility are key.
  6. Streaming links: If you’re submitting a song, the only thing you need to include is a SoundCloud/Spotify link. Writers don’t want to have to download the song to listen to it. Besides, providing a private SoundCloud link doubles as a quick shortcut to your profile. You want to make it easy for them to learn about you organically. You can include a press release if you’d like, as well, but don’t let that be the only thing you send.
  7. Signature with socials: The end of your email should include your artist name, real name, and the links to all of your social media accounts.
  8. Select the best: If you’re sending an EP with 10+ tracks, the best thing to do is indicate one or two track(s) you think the writer would be most keen on premiering/featuring/releasing. Furthermore, it should go without saying that sending unmastered, unfinished, or otherwise subpar work is NEVER a good idea.


The idea is to keep your messages short, personal & professional. You don’t need to put any extras on it, just let your music speak for itself. And if you don’t hear back after your first try, keep trying! People are busy, and a little bit of patience, with a lot of persistence, can usually take you a long way in the industry.