How to Know if You Have Been Featured on a Spotify Owned Playlist

If you want exposure on Spotify, it is all about making into their owned playlists. In fact, getting into these playlists has been dubbed the new radio pitching of our generation.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t alert distributors or labels if a song has landed one of these coveted placements. But just because Spotify themselves doesn’t let anyone know directly doesn’t mean there are a few strategies not worth noting.

Check your “Spotify About” tab intermittently:

Find your artist page, select the “About” tab, and then scroll to the bottom. Spotify will publicly show you (and anyone viewing your page) the most recent playlists you’ve been featured on. Checking this intermittently or after you’ve seen a large spike in plays might give you a clue as to where your music has been placed. This includes large Spotify owned playlists as well as user created playlists. is a music data service made by a graduate student at Stanford. It provides up to date information regarding which playlists you have been added to, your performance in such playlists, and also includes tons of other social metrics as well. They’ve just rolled out pricing but you can get some good information via their paid tier.

As a Repost Network member, if you distribute with us to Spotify, we can do our best to help you pitch to these playlists via our Spotify Playlist Pitch App. It’s never a guarantee, but we have helped move the needle for many releases. If not, you might find yourself paying a large fee to a third party service with the hope of placement with your fingers crossed!

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