Selling Merchandise

by Jeff Ponchick in Marketing and Promotion February 07, 2017

With distribution sales plummeting year after year, many artists these days have begun to depend much more on their revenue from merchandising above anything else; especially after a live show! Live shows create a visceral connection between you and your audience and can inspire an enthusiasm to support you in ways that can only be seen through merchandise.

Here are 14 articles you can use that will help make sure that you are a PRO when it comes to merchandising, no matter where you are as an artist:

  1. Thirteen merch table basics for bands: if you’re not doing #5, you’re missing out on sales
  2. Don’t go broke buying merch: a band t-shirt strategy you need to know
  3. Four ways to accept credit cards at your next show
  4. How flexible pricing can help you sell more merch
  5. Sell your merch on Spotify using BandPage
  6. You can’t download a t-shirt: why merch matters
  7. Tips for touring abroad: merch sales, customs, and more
  8. How to transcribe, print, and sell sheet music as a merch item for your band
  9. Seven ways to magnetize your band’s merch display
  10. Selling underwear at your merch booth: savvy or trashy?
  11. What every merch booth needs: CDs!
  12. Band merchandise: how to make it work for you
  13. Five tips for selling more at your merch booth
  14. Merch Master Spotlight: Tracy Grammer

Merchandise is a great way to create an everlasting connection between you and the fans who love you most. They will wear your apparel, post your photos and evangelize your music for everyone they know!

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