SoundCloud Best Practices

by Jeff Ponchick in Marketing and Promotion February 07, 2017

Many of the best practices that you will find on SoundCloud are similar to that of YouTube, except the major difference between the two is that SC best practices are mostly focused on making sure that the content you post is also being reposted, which allows it to be seen and easily discovered by other people, outside of your immediate network.

Here are some helpful tips for building a powerful following on SoundCloud:

  1. SEO - To make sure that your songs and playlists are coming up in search engine results, you want to focus primarily on: TAGGING. Tags will help associate your music with other popular songs, genres, moods, artists and keywords that people are searching for in their browsers. A helpful tip is to look at the SoundCloud charts and find whatever genre you would want your music chart in, once you’ve done that make sure that all of your music is tagged with those specific keywords.
  2. Reposts - On SoundCloud a repost is essentially the same action as an upload. The way you can build a large reception for any of your work on SC is to get as many reposts as possible. A best practice when it comes to reposting is to create a collective amongst you and your friends and get on a schedule with one another where you can be reposting all of your music together - This will make sure your music stays relative, while also keeping your new songs and playlists at the top of your follower’s feed.
  3. Follow to Download - In addition, there are also tools that you can use to help expand your audience on SoundCloud (as well as YouTube and any other social media channels you may be using). These are called Download Gates. These gates will give new fans, as well as returning fans, an opportunity to download some of your music simply for the price of a follow; or even a tweet. Companies such as Toneden ( have built excellent platforms for handling just that.

These small practices can make a big impact for you on SoundCloud. Remember, focus your tagging SEO and make your music as accessible possible to these new audiences that have been waiting to discover what you have in store!