Spotify Playlists

by Jeff Ponchick in Marketing and Promotion February 07, 2017

Spotify Playlists are the best way to create a “Brand” on Spotify.

Playlists allows artists and brands to consistently curate their own channel of music which can help to build a larger followers base and can also up the daily/monthly listens on any of your music as well. By associating your sounds with the sounds of people you are looking to be categorized with, you create a natural bridge between your music and theirs, which ultimately will lead people to your discography on multiple platforms. To make this job even easier for you, Spotify has created new tools that will help you create, curate and circulate your playlists on a consistent basis to all of your followers and fans.

In addition to creating your own playlists, Official Spotify Playlists are also one of the best ways to be discovered by a worldwide audience. As of 2016, Spotify currently has 100 Million Subscribers and counting. Many of these subscribers are people who enjoy music but don’t necessarily want to have to look for it themselves. They prefer to put their trust in the more curated and “expert” opinions of those who really know what they’re talking about. And with over 100M+ subscribers, Spotify has certainly become one of the most trusted sources of music in the world - meaning that a single placement on even just one Official Spotify Playlists can do wonders for your brand and cause a huge upsurge in your global followers, which could ultimately lead to growth in your popularity overall.

If you’re interested in getting your songs on a Spotify Playlist, The Repost Network can help you with just that. All you need to do is distribute your music through Repost and take advantage of our playlist pitch feature in the dashboard.