YouTube Best Practices

by Jeff Ponchick in Marketing and Promotion February 07, 2017

If there’s one thing to know: It’s all about SEO. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” which basically refers to how well your video pops up on a search result whenever a keyword is plugged into Google (or any other search engine). The higher up your video is in the search results, the more traffic (and potential conversions) you are likely to get on that video that you’ve posted, it’s that simple!

There are certain ways to make sure your videos do exceptionally well with SEO, Here are some best practice tips that you can use on YouTube to make sure that your videos are not only being seen, but are also helping to grow your audience as well:

  1. Pick A Strong Title: Pick something that is descriptive and enticing at the same time!

  2. Use A Thumbnail That Pops - Visual cues and Design are always the best way to attract people to your work. Many times if your artwork is unique and enticing enough, people will click on your link just to discover more about the video, even if they don’t know who you are. So make sure the thumbnail you choose is something that really POPS. Try something that highlights an exciting part of your video.

  3. Focus On The First 3 Lines of Your Description - The first 3 lines of your video’s description are included in the SEO for the video, that being the case, it’s important that your description is very rich with terms that people search a lot; tagging genres, emotional tags, featured artists or names, etc. In addition, putting your channel url in the description will also help your channel rank search on youtube.

  4. Subscription Gates - If you’re looking to not only build your viewership but also gain more subscribers as well you can build a subscription wall on any of your videos that will force to people to first subscribe to your channel before they are given access to watch your videos.

  5. Know Your Data - YouTube & Google offer incredible data analytics on any and all of your posted content. This data can be enormously helpful for your career and your production, but it is important to know what you’re looking for. The most important data point you should look for on your videos is “Audience Retention,” meaning how long people are watching your videos and where they are specifically dropping off. If you can calculate the trends in that data you can use it to make better production decisions in your content, your distribution or even your design.

Any and all of these practices can be extremely useful to an artist as you build your audience. Consider YouTube an acquisition tool, these videos and SEO can be essential to converting casual fans into dedicated followers, and ultimately loyal patrons.