YouTube Claims

by Joey Mason in Content Protection April 07, 2020

If you upload a video on YouTube that contains copyright-protected material, you could end up with a claim. These claims are issued by YouTube on behalf of the companies (such as Repost) that own or represent the rights to the copyrighted audio or visual content.

Content ID

Content ID is a system built by YouTube that allows copyright holders (e.g. record labels, music distributors, publishers, etc.) to protect and monetize their content on YouTube. Through YouTube’s Content Management System, copyright holders are able to upload content that they own the rights to (e.g. audio files, films, etc.) and assert policies for the content. Once the content is uploaded, YouTube’s automated system fingerprints it and searches through all the videos hosted on YouTube. When it finds matches, it applies the policy provided by the copyright owner.

Claim Policies

What happens to the video containing the copyrighted material depends solely on the policy put in place by the copyright owner. There are three policies a copyright owner can apply:

  1. Block: Claimed videos will be not be viewable on YouTube.
  2. Track: No ads will run on claimed videos, but the copyright owner will receive performance data on claimed videos from YouTube.
  3. Monetize: Ads will run on claimed videos and the ad revenue will be paid out to the copyright owner.

What should I do if someone claims my video?

In most cases, getting a Content ID claim on your video isn’t a bad thing for your YouTube channel. It’s just YouTube saying, “Hey, we found some content in your video that’s owned by someone else”. After all, it is in the artist’s best interest for them to be able to decide what happens to their work on YouTube. However, if the copyright owner wishes, he or she may issue a strike on your channel, so be aware of that, as well.

How do I claim videos using my music?

If you are signed up with Repost, you can monetize your music across YouTube using the YouTube app. By default, we apply a policy of MONETIZE to all content you wish to enable. Once a track is enabled for YouTube monetization, you are able to view and manage all claims created on your behalf.